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Baerbel Neubauer

was born in Klagenfurt, Austria. She studied stage design and film at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna. In 1987 she moved to Munich, Germany. Since 1980 Bärbel Neubauer made over 40 films - animationfilms, short subjects and experimental films. Composing music and filmmusic since 1991.She has been working in various formats such as 35mm film, 70mm IMAX film, 3 channel HD video for 3 monitors/screens.  Since 1991 she has been composing film scores and music. At present she works on Visual Music with various media - images, animationfilm, music, and performance/choreopgraphy. Her animations from the 90’s are direct-on-film works, mainly abstract,  that she painted, stamped and scratched on 35mm film stock directly. From 2000 on she worked on digital "motion painting in image and sound", creating among others "Flockenspiel I-IV" in different techniques. In 2005 it was awarded the "women´s cultural award for film and TV" from the country Carinthia/Austria". Her latest films are "Fractal Cycles", 2010/11, a large space with nature-like fractal 3D motion paintings and fractal soundscapes and music, and "Water Ambiences", 2011-2013, a 3-channel HD video. In the 3 channel medium, the fractal universes communicate with each other in a new, interactive space. Her concept "Fractals in Nature"  is the base of her artwork and for her workshops and presentations. Current works in progress is "emdr Klaenge 2" (working title) audio CD and dance music. Her films were screened at numerous international Animation/Film Festivals and received international recognition. From the recent years on her work was screened and exhibited also in galleries and museums. She teaches workshops at universities and festivals in and outside Europe and USA. Works as a jury member for international animation and short film festivals . Commercials in her own style include among others "Absolut Neubauer" as part of the "Absolut Panushka Project" and "Falter Spot 7" as part of the Falter Spot Series. In the recent years she played darbuka, an Egyptian drum, well known in the context of belly dance, 2018 Ringtones , 2018 learning Saz.(an Arabic guitarlike instrument)

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